“I wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how much I appreciated your courteous and prompt inspectors we had. They were very knowledgeable and articulate. We have purchased 3 homes since we got married and Mike and Lynn have been the most professional inspectors we have ever dealt with. You should be giving them the gift card not us…but we will take it (ha!).”  Stanley and Gertrude from Perryton, Tx. 
“I just wanted to compliment your firm on the great inspection and maintenance audit you did for our partners on the apartments. There were items on that audit that were not working that the maintenance man didn’t even know about. You saved us thousands of dollars that we were able to negotiate in the contract.”   Kevin D. General Partner, Amarillo, Tx. 



“Thanks man, after that heavy rain on Monday that basement on Ong st. had 2 inches of rain in it. You were right all along. The seller was going to rip us off!!!! We terminated the contract last night and are looking at another house. We’ll be calling.” Jeremy and Eva, Amarillo, Texas 
“….the seller didn’t want to believe your Radon Gas report results and had two more inspectors do tests and they came back even higher than yours. Thanks for installing the mitigation system. I can’t even hear or see it. I’m telling all my friends about you and Mike and Lynn. Inspection Consultants Group is the best ever. You saved me $2800 and probably my life.”   Granny Cora, Amarillo, Tx. 
Thank U, Thank U, and Thank U.! You saved our #$@%&. The foundation company charged the seller $15,000 to level that house on Van Buren. I’m glad now we didn’t buy that one. OMG! We’re still looking. Ya’ll are really good. Everything Drew said about that house was true and especially the part about the seller hiding the termite damage.  Your whole staff is like SUPER INSPECTORS. Thank God for Inspection Consultants Group.”  Jennifer and Bobby, Canyon, Tx 
“You were right about the roof sagging and the previous fire in the attic that the seller didn’t disclose. The gift card was just the thing I needed when I used it for lunch while unpacking boxes. You are pretty incredible for Texas people…the hospitality truly is what they it is here. Amarillo is now our home. Inspection Consultants Group is the best!”     Franklin and Bonnie from New York City. 
“ I am in the military and have moved 14 times in the past 22 years. Inspection Consultants did our last inspection when we moved here to Amarillo and they are so far ahead of the other inspectors that we have used we wish we could take Mike and his entire bunch with us every time we move around the U.S.   Just a quick thank you, for finding the plumbing and electrical problems on this house. I know the seller spent over 11,000 dollars on repairs. That could have been our money if not for you. Oh well, we got all new stuff! We love you guys!!!!  Oh yea, you were right about the wall.”  Donald and Donna, Lubbock,Tx. 

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